So, why are you running?

I stumbled upon this article the other day. The title caught my attention and I just had to read what this writer had to say about runners.


I hate to admit it but I agree with the writer. I myself have witnessed the sudden surge in the number of people getting into running and the astonishing number of running events being held every other month (not complaining about that though!). Back in 2010, when I first took part in the KL Standard Chartered Marathon, there were only about 10,000 runners in total. Two years later and that number skyrocketed to 25,000+ runners. Now, aside from being ecstatic that more and more people are making an effort to run, I question the reason they get into it in the first place.

These days, people tend to participate in events, parties and the like because they happen to be the “hype” of the moment. The same can be said for marathons and runs. Instead of focusing on the run, people are more concerned about what they wear to a run. Marathons become their fashion runway to flash their running apparel because they probably don’t wear it often enough. I know I don’t speak for the masses and I know that there is no harm in wanting to look good for a run (I do too) but please, before you start spending hundreds on compression shorts and overly priced running shoes, take note of your running form. Are you doing it right? Are you hurting yourself?

And before you start judging me, I have been running for a few years now, way before Facebook and Instagram became popular (or even existed). I almost never share anything about my runs or running, until recently. I’m doing it now because I want to motivate people. I want people to take up running (or any other sport) seriously and not just for the sake of having something fun and interesting to post on social media.





I looked like this when I first started running. Baggy shorts I wore to sleep, baggy free T-shirt, old socks that were too loose to hug my feet snugly and shoes that weren’t made for running. I got my first pair of running shoes 1.5 years later. I have come to learn that what you wear says nothing about how you run. People decked out in running gear from head to toe are not necessarily top accomplished runners. So don’t be fooled or feel intimidated. What you see is only part of the story. Focus on you and your running style. The only person you have to battle with is your inner self.


Aside from all that, I have to admit, I am one of those crazy runners that can be found reading books, magazines and articles about running, go shopping at sport stores (more than I should) and can be seen wearing running jerseys half the time. Sorry but not sorry. (haha!)

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