White Ribbon Run 2013

So last Sunday (8th Dec 2013) was my last run for the rest of 2013! 5 runs in 3 months (Starting from October) after my long hiatus since January 2013 (whoopps). I haven’t been lazing around though. I’m still putting in my weekly runs and a bit of strength training whenever I feel like it.

On the morning of the run, we (Kevin & I) were unusually early (for once!). We had ample time to walk around, take pictures and slowly stroll towards the starting line. Actually, I went straight to the starting line to make sure I was right at the front and then started taking pictures. That’s just me being very kiasu (Ha-ha!).

The weather that day was perfect! It rained the night before so it was cool with a little wind. Though the run started at 7.30am, the sun was only just peeking through the clouds so it was not too hot. Hot and humid weather is every runner’s nightmare!

Being at the front, I had a strong start. I was running in first place before a veteran runner overtook me at the 4th kilometer (ARGGHHH!). Needless to say, it was still an awesome run. Many people cheered me on along the way. It is always so encouraging when other runners and volunteers by the side of the road push you to run a little harder. Never underestimate a simple shout of: “KEEP RUNNING!”. Whenever I see a runner slowing down, I give them a tap on the shoulder and wave them to run with me. It makes a difference! Do it! At the end of the race, a young man came up to me to give me a thumbs up and said :”You’re really fast!”. I remember passing him somewhere after the 5th kilometer. He was not easy to miss because he was tall, lean and was in really short shorts! I was pretty stunned and at the same time still struggling to recover after the run and all I could do was smile. Anyway, I came in 2nd place but there was no prize because it was a charity event (Boohoo!). Oh well. At least I know I ran 7KM in 33 minutes! I sliced off 10 minutes since last year (Yay!).

Upon reaching, I went straight to the Milo truck to grab a cup of Milo for Kevin before the crowd arrived. I waited, with the Milo in hand, for Kevin to finally roll in.

The whole event, AWAM’s White Ribbon Campaign Run and Walk, was pretty well organized with loads of goodies and freebies! AWAM (All Women’s Action Society) is a non-profit organization that aims to raise awareness and prevent any form of violence towards women. Violence against women in Malaysia is not as prevalent as in other countries, but the numbers are still there. According to the little booklet provided in the goodie bag, the number of cases have been creeping up the ladder since the year 2000. And that number only represents the cases that have been reported. Thankfully, through this event, I am now AWARE!

Men! Stop hitting women!

I personally enjoy participating in charity runs because I know for sure that my money is going to go into supporting the people who really need it. I guess I can kill two birds with one stone: giving back to society and doing what I love.


Ummm…this is Kevin’s “SAY NO TO VIOLENCE” pose.

“A real man never resorts to violence.”

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