Just over 4 weeks ago we were ringing in Christmas and the new year-2014!

Many runs and a couple of weeks later, BOOM – Its the CHINESE NEW YEAR celebration, where the Chinese (obviously) welcome the new year of the Horse! YEEHAW! Aside from the tradition of buying new clothes, cleaning up the house…… it is a time where family and friends gather to spend time together (I guess that is the whole point of any other celebration!).

I always look forward to Chinese New Year because I am still eligible to receive Ang Paos (money in red packets) and of course the FOOD! It is a time where most grandmas, aunties and mothers around the world display their culinary skills to prepare the big reunion meal of abalone, exotic mushrooms, duck, fish and the like. The reunion meal usually falls on the eve of Chinese New Year which was on the 30th of January this year.

I was working on that day but managed to squeeze in some core work and stretching before the big meal. This was probably the first time I spent nearly an hour just focusing on stretching and it felt sooooooooooooo good! I could feel the blood rushing to every part of my body and I felt so relaxed. I guess this is the reason why some people rave about yoga. Before a few weeks ago, I’ve never done any form of stretching. I’ve always just focused on running and more running. It is time that I make it a point to stretch everyday. Another resolution to the list! DING!

This year, my aunt and my mom took over the cooking to relieve my grandma of the long hours and stress of food prep. Here’s a glimpse of the dinners that I’ve been having. Ahhhhhh. So yummy!





Even the dogs looked stuffed!

We played a game of scrabble after our reunion dinner because we’re intellectual like that. Haaaaaaa! Need to put our brains to work after all that food! After all, the brain consumes the most energy.


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