Post-race Report: Run 4 Peace!

The night before the “Run 4 Peace” race was spent rolling around on my bed. This is typical pre-race day sleepless night. I almost never get a good night’s sleep the day before.

My brain just wouldn’t let me rest no matter how hard I tried. When my alarm finally went off at 5.25am, I rolled out of bed. Despite not sleeping much throughout the night, I was feeling okay. In fact, I was more than okay, I was pumped! I guess pre-race jitters are not all bad. Your body releases endocannabinoids to deal with mental stress. Endocannabinoids have the same effect as marijuana, which would explain why I was feeling slightly high.

I had my usual breakfast: 2 slices of whole wheat bread with peanut butter and banana + one glass of water.


The race was held at the International Islamic University of Malaysia, Gombak. In the wee hours of the morning, the journey took about 21 minutes (Yay for smooth traffic!). We were rather early (earlier than expected), the sky was still dark.

10259750_599808916782393_2882010817616960394_nPhoto credits: Best of Running

That’s us standing in the dark!

After parking our car, we gathered our stuff and strolled towards the start/finish area. We stood there for a bit and watched as many people decked out in the blue “Run 4 Peace” shirt started filling up the area. I was waiting for Jing Jing (Fellow runner and PARX team mate) to hand me my race pack. He was kind enough to collect it for me the day before! Good thing he was in bright yellow, he stood out from the crowd and I spotted him easily. I didn’t bother changing into the “Run 4 Peace” shirt and proceeded to pin the bib on the shirt that I had on.

At about 7.05am, the MC got the ball rolling.

10255501_599809146782370_1418774246755220133_nCredits: IKRAM Siswa UIAM Gombak

We were just standing around.10291853_599809416782343_5839696357286754107_nCredits: IKRAM Siswa UIAM Gombak

It started off with a simple dance/warm-up session, which I totally skipped. I just stood there and watched them jump around. It was pretty entertaining! From the picture, you can see that I was still standing there. And Kevin was just squatting by the side. Whoooops!

The men’s 10KM open pack flagged off 5 minutes before the women’s 10KM open. When they were off, I made my way to the starting point. Met up with HuiXin (Puma Pacer) and we stood together.


Pre-race prayers.

When that distinctive sounding horn blew, I glanced at my watch – 7.25am. Almost immediately, I dashed out from the pack. My main focus was to slither through the crowd to “get away”. Within the next 100m, I was already in front and for the rest of the run, let’s just say I cannot really recall what happened. It felt like a dream. All I could think of was “RUN RUN RUN!”. I had a pretty good start. So, all I had to do was maintain and speed up towards the end. Two veterans overtook me, one at KM 1.5 and the other at KM 3 or 4. I overtook 4 other women in my category that started off with the men’s pack (Hmmmmmm!). I drank from 2 water stations, something I don’t normally do. At least I didn’t splash my face with 100plus like I did during the I.C.E run earlier this year.

Nearing the last 300m, I saw Kevin. He was wearing the Malaysian football jersey, so it was not easy to miss. He had my camera in hand and ran the last few meters with me. He caught the last stretch of the run on video, which was so funny to watch.


That feeling!10273990_10152437582516388_3433861541458322534_n

Familiar faces ahead! 10269369_10152437582211388_3177113708118250141_n 10313453_10152437582251388_1352666970889388974_n 10305505_10152437581921388_5359681602559804231_n

At the finish line, the guy handed me an A4 piece of paper which had the number 3 on it.

10173573_10152436684801388_4683261096581191646_nWhile trying to catch my breath, I think I was pretty satisfied. Everything happened too quickly and I didn’t manage to fully process what had happened at that time. And then I remembered to check my watch, 8.13am. 48 minutes. I think I just hit a new personal best for a distance of 10.3KM (according to other people’s GPS profile).

1545676_10152431480896388_463420695136308305_nWith HuiXin.

A guy fist-bumped me and said “It was great running with you!”. I guess he was the guy behind me making loud breathing noises for the last kilometre or two.

10264345_10152436634036388_818885856412180286_nI had nearly 2 hours to kill before the prize giving ceremony. I walked around for a bit before settling down to eat my post-run snacks of apples, yoghurt and coconut water.

1450981_10152112578321388_1805094030_nI got another surprise during the prize giving session, I came in second! YAY!

10246809_10152431294291388_8388274955470254021_n 14008950076_50dfa8f1fe_oCredits: IKRAM Siswa UIAM Gombak

Post-race meal for the rest of the day – double dose of Japanese food. I don’t think I will ever get sick of Japanese food.


And of course, MOOCOW!

Carbs, proteins, healthy fats and iron for recovery.

I’m still feeling the after-effects from the run. Owwwwwww! I was really happy and grateful that I managed to run. I was still in the process of recovering from a sore right calf. My right calf was feeling tight throughout the run but I pulled through! WOO!

Thanks to Kevin for being there and supporting me all the way!

2 thoughts on “Post-race Report: Run 4 Peace!

  1. I didn’t support you all the way lah, only the last couple hundred metres. The rest of the time I was sitting in the car eating Koko Krunch and using your phone’s internet. Woooo…


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