Post-race Report: Run for the Deaf 2014

It was a bad idea to take part in a race one day after doing the Half Marathon in Terengganu. I touched down in KL in the evening. By the time I got home, I was too tired to eat a proper meal. I had a bowl of cereal before heading straight to bed. I was whacked out.

I think I was suffering from heat exhaustion. It hit me pretty hard. Good thing the race venue was just 5 minutes away. I managed to maximised my sleep time. I felt ok when I woke up. Had my breakfast and waited for Kevin and my colleague to arrive. The 3 of us left to NU Sentral at about 6am. We were early and the crowd was just beginning to build up.

Met up with Chooi Fern and we did a mini warm up session together. Oh and we bumped into our coach, who wasn’t very happy to see us there.

When the music started blasting, my headache returned. I felt weak and sick in the stomach. At that time, I was already planning to give up on this race. I felt as though I was going to collapse. I told Kevin to stick close to me and he promised to call the ambulance if he spotted a tiny person lying on the side of the road (haha! I was kidding).

10698511_10152783841396388_2751486939274345004_nMeeting new friends. Socialising during the delay.

Thank God that the whole event was delayed by about 30 minutes. That delay gave me some time to cool down. I felt a lot better minutes before the flag off. I managed to maintain my pace and not speed up or slow down too much. After 2-3KM, we were directed to make an earlier U-turn. At that point, I was jumping for joy because I knew that it would be under distance. The 10KM route became 8KM. Phew!

10437640_10152783841936388_8916005955718910730_nAt the starting line.

Adrenaline was the cure! Whoop! Came in 2nd place behind the sister.

We did a proper stretch and warm down session. Ahhhhhh! It felt so good! Had a lot of time to mingle around after the race.

10398024_10152783840196388_7745418600628040899_nMy ultimate supporter came out to race too! So proud of him for hitting his PB! 10568837_10152783841136388_5967655880217208024_nParX teammate, Bryan! He came in 2nd too in the 5KM Men’s Open. Awesome stuff!10345982_10152783841041388_2548157007265929224_nWhaaaadduuppp!10628590_10152783840951388_3120048510206530531_n1,2. Very grateful to our sponsors! Dirigo Events, Brooks and Puma! 10647202_10152783840691388_1258877347678456427_n 10665188_10152783840761388_6390276655782453099_n 1394044_10152783841606388_5901724989075577920_nThe Champ! Watch out for this girl!10151809_10152783840466388_3012027939073156899_n 10433271_10152783842356388_1087118626955929815_nGot a mini lecture from the coach for racing that morning.

SCKLM is in 2 weeks and he expected us to rest especially just one day after our Terengganu Half Marathon trip.  10628199_10152783842231388_4776934087337753686_nYep, we deserved everything he said to us. The hard truth is always difficult to swallow.10626872_10152783842171388_7407078904415150145_nSorry Coach. We promise to taper accordingly for the big day! 10678559_10152783842036388_422757904342960600_nA coach that reprimands is a coach that cares.

Rest days are an essential part of training. It is a time when your muscles repair and refuel themselves. Your muscles will become tired and may damage without proper recovery.


Muscle building food.10678544_10152798543206388_7467852579349124543_n

Dose of healthy gut bacteria.10626645_10152798542821388_3458381778371890175_n

Sugar in its simplest form.

When you’re training hard, your body craves certain foods. Listen to it. It knows what it needs to survive.

Time to kick my feet up!

Hello Taper Week!

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