Mini Races over October and November

Recap, some notes and a photolog of the mini races that I took part in over the months of October and November.

Frost the Trail Run

Thanks to Frost & Sullivan for sponsoring 1 team of 4 and 4 individuals from Puma Malaysia to take part in this trail run. It was my first official trail run and also my first time running in FRIM. I’ve always wanted to go to FRIM! I guess I finally did.

It was definitely not the best idea to do a trail run 6 days after running the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. My body was still in recovery mode. The route was hilly, rocky, slippery, steep and muddy! Everything you’d expect from a trail run. It was also the first time that I had to slow down to a walk during a race. I guess this breaks my no-walking streak! The hills were too steep and my legs were just not in the right shape. My hamstrings were screaming! It was a pretty tough route but I had a lot of fun!

1606872_10152955236251388_7090352395624023746_n13078_10152955236441388_8844583733554187419_n 1534287_10152955236276388_1123947250468641512_n It was a little over distance (9.3KM instead of 8KM).1488818_10152955235296388_6904259509567699896_n1, 2, 3 & 4!1526255_10152955235361388_7644200626522906821_nGoing nuts!10354735_10152955235611388_8106216107109936417_nOur prizes! 10428598_10152955235466388_1679235153132171455_nTop 3 for the individual category (Mixed men & women).10406739_10152955235671388_3358481455572971192_nTeam and individual.10523141_10152955235821388_5886407469903095849_nThe Puma Team owned the race! We won the team challenge and the 4 individuals were in the top 4! Sweet! I guess we won’t be getting another invite anytime soon (Ooooppss).

CAPAM International Run10419005_10152955236331388_3193858608043640408_n 10366199_10152955236366388_5452795789202057904_nThis run took place after the Frost the Trail Run! I didn’t realise that I had signed up for a back-2-back race weekend just a week after SCKLM 2014!

10850155_10152955235901388_6945377034490158529_n Legs felt like lead. I was extremely tired and the trail run the day before killed my knees!10171860_10152955236061388_5616711985161838325_nWith our coach who won 1st place in his category.

Puma Night Run10417442_10152955236556388_4297944405959126266_nRead about it here.


DNS for this as I was down with fever.

Alpha Run 2014

After the back-2-back race weekend, my body decided to give up on me. I suffered from insomnia (probably due to overtraining/running) and fell sick after the Puma Night Run. I was in bed for 3 days trying to recover from the flu. It hit me hard and my body was not able to fight it. I still felt ill on the morning of the Alpha Run. Good thing the route was under distance (about 8.8KM).

10849760_10152955236691388_8435644012466430745_n 10846420_10152955236601388_7365119287406072262_n 10846312_10152955236646388_5799624630069799928_n 150170_10152955236801388_1927061126155741471_n 1240345_10152955236756388_3515415912982032987_nWorld Diabetes Day Run

This was a small scale event aimed to raise awareness of diabetes. It was a great run on familiar grounds. Made a few new friends too while waiting for the prize giving ceremony!

10363553_10152955236931388_1534576251715773655_nDesa Park City Run

Signed up for this run for the sake of it! I just wanted to make up for the time where I was 10 minutes late for this race last year! I was feeling lazy and signed up for the 5KM run instead of the 10KM.10354819_10152955237086388_1453563892227889475_n 10372102_10152955237006388_7457402233043603242_nNo. 2 for the both of us.

 Managed to squeeze into 2nd place behind the super fast small kid!


The race took place around SkyPark One City, an area that I have not set foot on before. Upon arrival, I was surprised to see many families and young runners (a good sight). Many of the usual suspects were not there. Then again, there were close to 15 races over this particular weekend. Still, I had expected to see more familiar faces. I was glad that Peng Peng (fellow Puma Pacer) was there!988868_10152955238711388_3112019774644514920_nI was at the starting line just 5 minutes before the flag off. I was busy queuing up (20 minutes) for the toilet! Overall, the race was pretty well organised except for the last stretch where we merged with the 5KM group. TOO CROWDED!

The best part after the race was of course, the (FREE!) food! We were each given a food card where we could go collect our food at the independent stalls that were set-up (Coffee, fruits, pancakes, Baskin Robbins, sandwiches, chocolate milk, biscuits, milk etc). Had a lot of fun strolling around and queuing up (brushing against other runners) for food.11099_10152955238571388_6238098593494695341_nI finished 2nd behind Michele Tan. It was nice meeting her and we had a good talk after the race.

We had loads of time to kill before the prize giving ceremony. Much of it was spent relaxing and watching all sorts of performances on stage (magic shows). They even had giant robots walking around! SO COOL!10845961_10152955238636388_281625962749514743_nIf you’re a casual runner looking for a good time after the race with loads of food, THIS IS IT!

Petzl Trail Night Run

My second trail run! I regretted this decision (to run) the day before because I was suffering from lower back aches. On top of that, I didn’t have proper trail running shoes AND it is a night run. I settled for my Puma Mobium Ride NightCat series. I have to say, it held up pretty well.10514710_10152955238381388_992928259274079065_n 10710580_10152955238406388_4380521835097925430_nWe were there 3 hours before the flag off (8.45pm for the Women’s Open) to collect our race kits. We killed time by watching other people pulling off stunts at the skate park. It brought back a lot of memories from my skating days. I will invest in in-line skates soon!

The women’s group were off 15 minutes after the men’s group. I started off in 3rd place and soon made my way to 2nd place behind Amelia. It was a few KMs of road before we hit the trails. It was dark, though we had our Petzl headlights on. As soon as we hit the trails, my paced dropped. It was hard navigating through when we caught up with the men’s group. The trails were narrow and most of them slowed to a jog/walk. It was muddy and slippery too. I recall tripping/slipping on my ankle 3 times! GAH!

I came to a point where there were only a few men in front of me. We were at a fork road and I followed them down (left) instead of heading up. Halfway through, a few of them realised that we were on the wrong track because there was no one else ahead of us. Also, we didn’t see any glow sticks along the trail. Soon, we were off the trail and started sliding down and then climbing/crawling on all fours back up. Luckily we spotted the pack ahead of us. PHEW! That was close!

We had no idea how far off we went but I was still in second place. It was a really fun trail route and getting lost added an element of excitement!1377629_10152955238501388_45686739888970473_n 10690300_10152955238436388_4532088001252359674_nPHEW! That sums it up!

What did you guys get up to?

Keep running!


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